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Kitab Dost Introduction: Get all information about Website, Webmaster, Mission Statement, Content information, Kitab Dost Novels, Rank in Google, Publications, Popularity Graph, Recommendations, Achievements, Awards, News Events Updates and more…

KitabDost Full Information

Thank you for visiting and showing interest in getting information about KitabDost. All the neccessary questions and their answers are given below for your knowledge. Learn everything about KitabDost.

Why Kitab Dost?

Well, KitabDost is Pakistan’s most popular top ranked Urdu Novels Website that provides novels & books for free download in pdf format. At KitabDost you can search any old rarely available Novels & books even you have forgotten the name of that novel but you can use KitabDost Google Search tool to find your lost novels.

Fiction Novels Series (Ishtiaq Ahmed)

  • Inspector Jamshed Series

Also in KitabDost website, You have the most popular fiction writers / Authors complete full series of novels. Ishtiaq Ahmed Inspector Jamshed Series 607 Novels, Inspector Kamran Mirza Series 95 Novels, Shoki Series 63 Novels and 64 Khas Numbers including Mini Khas Numbers and Medium Khas Numbers. Ishtiq Ahmed wrote over 800 spy detective novels in his life.

Fiction Novel Series (Mazhar Kaleem M.A)

  • Imran Series

Imran Series is the most popular and all time hit spy detective action adventure crime secret agency (fiction) novel series started by “Ibn-e-Safi” but after his death, Mazhar Kaleem started writing and provide great novels to the readers and lovers of Imran Series. KitabDost has all 397 novels written by Mazhar Kaleem so you can free download all the novels.

  • Nemra Ahmed, Umera Ahmed, Naseem Hijazi and lots of other popular fiction writers, non-fiction, romantic novels, fantasy, action, adventure, suspense thriller, horror, comedy and more types of novels authors are the part of KitabDost website.

Who’s behind KitabDost Website?

KitabDost website has been developed by Shahzad Bashir who is the most experience blogger and freelancer in Pakistan. He has over 28 years of professional experience. He has been a reader of kids digests, magazines, novels & stories since his childhood. He has been writing letters and stories for the kids. Later he stopped due to the busy professsional life but in 2020 as soon as he read an online survey about the critically falling reading and writing graph in Pakistan that is a dangerous sign because of the Mobile, Computer and electronic media attack on young generation, Shahzad started website for providing healthy content to the readers that could help the people specially young generation in coming back to the study.

KitabDost Mission Statement

According to the online survey about dangerously decreasing reading habbits in the people of Pakistan due to the very few writers available, started to provide interesting content that could bring the young generation back to the study habbit instead of wasting their time in Mobile & Computer games that is creating several psycho problems in the society. KitabDost mission is to provide the healthy Urdu content from the early 80s, 90s fiction & non-fiction authors who wrote 100s of novels and series for the kids or man & women of every age.

In this Kitab Dost Mission, Shahzad Bashir (web publisher of has been offering sevral opportunities to the new authors, writers through social media and the platform of website. He also write short stories, personal life events, interesting day to day incidents. Most recently Shahzad Bashir announced his first action adventure Urdu suspense thriller novel series (Ridwan Series) and very soon launching the first novel “Mission Point Blank“.

Kitab Dost Content Information

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KitabDost promote and provide healthy informative interesting clean and easy to understand Urdu content.

Kitab Dost recommended categories are below:

  • Action Adventure, Suspense thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Romantic, Comedy, Humorous, Fantasy etc.

Kitab Dost strictly avoids the content below:

  • KitabDost strictly avoid content like Sex, Adult, Nudism, Drugs or any other offensive content that is inappropriate for our Islamic, Social and Family values.
Ridwan Series Mission Point Blank
KitabDost Presenting “Ridwan Series” – Novel 1 “Mission Point Blank” written by Shahzad Bashir

Kitab Dost Novels

KitabDost taking steps to create interesting opportunities to the readers or Urdu Novels, Magazines, Books and Online digital websites. But apart from the others, KitabDost is going to start their own Urdu Novels Series and Ridwan Series is first that is being launched in April 2021. Mission Point Blank is the 1st novel of this series written by Shahzad Bashir.

Kitab Dost Popularity Graph

Since KitabDost started in October 2020, Everyday the popularity graph is going up and up because of the very interesting novels, stories, life events, short stories, real stories, true stories, sachi kahaniyan, Interviews of famous personalities, user / reader interaction, Editor choice, KitabDost Award, New author form and best of all is presence on social media. KitabDost is very much active and interact its readers and subscribers regulary through the social media posts (facebook twitter linked in etc) as well as its KitabDost facebook fan page and groups.

Kitab Dost Recommendations

KD (KitabDost) recommends the best interesting novels Book Stories and events to the readers and subscribers. Top Ten Urdu novels and Top 10 Series under Editor Choice. Specially the Editor choice segment is very appreciated by the users.

Kitab Dost Achievements

In just a few months, KitabDost achieved the top ranking on Google Search for the several important novels series and books. KitabDost rapidly growing in the public through its favourite day-to-day posts. Just after the publishing interviews of the loving characters Farooq Ahmed (Atlantis Publications) and Syed Ali Wasi Zaid (Shatoo) who are the characters of Ishtiaq Ahmed Inspector Jamshed Series, touch the heights of top rated Websites.

Kitab Dost Awards

In order to promote writing culture in Pakistan, KitabDost has launched an award which is KitabDost Writers Award (KDRA) and very soon this is going to be published for attracting writers in Pakistan and abroad.

Kitab Dost News & Events update

KD updates the website for the best user experience on regular basis. You can read new and unique content almost everyday so just keep visiting and don’t forget to subscribe for the Newsletter so you can receive news and events updates in your inbox.

Also visit and bookmark KitabDost Update page here. Also everyday KD posts update on social media fan page at facebook so you can simply LIKE or Follow our Facebook Fan page to know the latest news and updates at website.

KitabDost Videos

KD released videos on different ocassions. Ishtiaq Ahmed Khas Numbers “Batil Qayamat” and “Begal Mission” Summary video has been created and published on this website. Also intro videos of Interviews and most recently announced Ridwan Series, Mission Point Blank also been released on social media. 

kitab dost videos

Kitab Dost Publications

In future, KitabDost has a vision to start Novels & books publications. The work is in progress and you will be updated through the KitabDost Newsletter if you are a Subscriber. Just subscribe and become a part of 1000s of KitabDost subscribers community.