Purisrar Mehman پراسرار مہمان

Inspector Jamshed Series انسپکٹر جمشید سیریز - مکمل

Purisrar Mehman  پراسرار مہمان

Inspector Jamnshed Series

انسپکٹر جمشید سیریز

  • Novel by Ishtiaq Ahmed 
  • Published date:August 1979
  • Publisher: Maktaba Iqra مکتبہ اقراء
  • مصنف: اشتیاق احمد

“Purisrar Mehman” is a great spy novel in “Mehmood Farooq Farzana & Inspector Jamshed Series) written by the greatest fiction writer Ishtiaq Ahmed who is highly famous for his spy detective novels in urdu language for the childrens. This series is full of suspence and action. No one can beat Ishtiaq Ahmed Jasoosi Novels in Urdu.


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